Oil Painting by Hillary Osborn

Custom Paintings

Both artists create landscapes from the surrounding areas through the outdoor season and work up larger studio paintings in the gallery. Because it is an artist-run gallery the painters are able to work directly with clients to create custom made paintings of favorite subjects to fit a specific spot in the home or office. Clients often pick a smaller painting from those on display.

Pick Your Location

Hillary Osborn and Doug Rugh have been full-time oil painters since 2000 and have a combined 55 years in the visual arts. The artists welcome landscape commissions and often are invited to paint favorite locations or at private properties (which might include homes in the landscape.) Either artist would be happy to visit your location, create thumbnail sketches, and discuss proportion and size of possible compositions (based on your mantle or interior space) and framing at no obligation to you. Alternatively, the artists can create larger paintings based on smaller gallery works to fit your specific interior spaces. Each of these works is a unique original work of art.

Capturing Life

Hillary Osborn's and Doug Rugh's studio/gallery is in Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod surrounded by an endless source of inspiration for landscape painting. The artists prefer to paint in the field and believe that spending hours in a location under changing conditions is the best way to study atmospheric effects that take place in nature. A painting is not a snapshot copied dab for dab from a photograph but a collection of observations enhanced by: perception of an infinite number of tones; a sensitivity to color temperature; the observation of chromatic pure colors and direct observation of depth and three-dimensional texture -- all aspects specific to the genre and a technical command of which is necessary to create a sense of place.

Direct Observation and Artistic License

Small to mid-size paintings are created on location with a concentration on observation and study of the landscape: the quality of light, the mood and the time of day. These are then brought back into the studio to create larger works in which formal and aesthetic decisions are brought to bear on the final painting. From years of working in the field the artists have built up a library of mental images to draw from that will enhance compositions when they are completed in the studio. In essence, the process begins with the scientific and ends with the artistic.

Commissioned Prices

Paintings are priced by size and include framing. Please contact the artists to receive a price list.

Doug Rugh at the portrait easel.

Portrait Commissions

Doug Rugh, CM, has been painting portraits in oil for over 30 years and has had over 2,000 live sessions with a model...